About Me

“As I surrendered control and stopped trying to kick Life in to the shape I wanted it to be, Life became much easier and calmer. Left alone, Life has its own equanimity” – Katie.

Hi, I’m Katie.

Before moving to Dartmoor and starting ‘Retreat to Dartmoor’, I lived in Winchester and before that in London.  Firstly, I was a research and development scientist, then I ran my own PR and marketing consultancy in London, then I qualified as a physiotherapist………I was busy………but that was all before I discovered yoga!

You see, despite having seemingly achieved a lot on the outside, I wasn’t so happy on the inside. Because I just had this deep-down feeling that all the things I’d added to myself, all the things I had, weren’t ‘It’. This was not why I was on this planet, living in this body. There had to be something else and luckily I found ‘it’ when I found yoga, or yoga found me.

I started practising yoga in Southampton with an amazing teacher who ran a yoga school called ‘The Yoga Sanctuary’ and boom, that was it, I was off.

I think yoga is fab. I completed my yoga teacher training a few years ago now, I’ve done other courses, travelled in India staying at ashrams, gone on retreats and still attend a weekly yoga class myself………. But, I still have so much more to learn! Yoga is a journey, a journey of getting to know yourself, your true self and ultimately falling in love with yourself and your life. How great is that? It begins quite simply for most people, on a mat, but it can take you much further if you would like it to.

I would be honoured to help you begin or continue your yoga journey, by welcoming you to share the yogic teaching which has been shared with me. This amazing, life enhancing teaching that has been passed from yogi to yogi for thousands of years.


There are so many amazing yoga masters who have worked tirelessly to share the benefits of yoga to those open to listening. There are too many to mention individually here, but this is an acknowledgement of their wisdom and energy and a humble thank you from me that I have become a student of yoga.

More specifically I have drawn deeply and benefitted from the teachings of Swami Yogeshwaranand Paramahans, Swami Sivananda, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, Atmananda, Anandamayi Ma, Shanti Maya, Steve Harrison www.yogasanctuary.co.uk, Pieter Scheffe, Tristan Dorling www.secretsofyoga.org and of course…..Shiva!

And my friends

I have been lucky enough to make some amazing, beautiful friends through yoga. Some of these gorgeous yogis, come and help me with weekend retreats adding to the teaching through their special talents and interests. This means there is always at least two yogis guiding each weekend retreat.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om