The benefits to our emotional, physical and mental well being of being immersed
in nature and the countryside, are now well documented.

Retreat to Dartmoor is based in Sampford Spiney, a small, quiet, beautiful moorland hamlet on the south west corner of Dartmoor National Park in Devon, just 10 minutes from the market town of Tavistock. Dartmoor National Park is a vast, stunningly beautiful, unspoilt moorland (368 square miles/954 km²) of craggy landscapes, defined by ancient forests, rivers, wetlands and energy filled tors (rock formations). The Moor is grazed year-round by free ranging sheep, ponies and cattle.

Sampford Manor is an ancient house that dates back to the 12th Century. There is in fact a record of a dwelling on the site recorded in the Doomsday book. One of the previous owners of the Manor was Sir Francis Drake, although only his brother is believed to have lived in the house.

The buildings and
location make the
setting for
‘Retreat to Dartmoor’
a truly unique space
within which to retreat,…to rest, recharge and recalibrate.

One of the beautiful old stone barns now houses the practise room, creating a space that feels loaded with history and shakti (energy). This is where most classes take place, although some of the mindfulness and meditation sessions and workshops take place at The Old National School which is just a stone’s throw away from the Manor, situated immediately in front of the Church.

‘I have never before……been gifted with such an
abundance of natural beauty as I experienced
when filming on Dartmoor….’

Steven Spielberg